Welcome to The Pot Party   Thank you for  visiting our site.
This is the Grass roots political organization dedicated to making reasonable change occur
within all forms of government. Together we must unite and become involved  within our local
jurisdictions, to representing us as national delegates, who will represent the many voices
being heard at local precinct levels.

The Pot Party is your voice and your organization that needs your help to grow. This is your
website to help repeal the prohibition of a long persecuted plant called Marijuana. This
website is helping to fund our political organization at
What We Do
The concept we embrace is reducing all manner of government out of private lives, just as our founding fathers had
sought to achieve. Still governments from local city councils to county and state governments continue to grow and
diminish our freedoms one ordinance at a time.

The Pot Party is your link to become organized and allow your voices to be heard loud and clear. We think that the time
is right for the truth to be exposed so that all marijuana users can freely exhibit all they have accomplished and show
they can not be generalized as lethargic, zombies, or pot heads. We must unite behind this cause to show we can
create positive change to antiquated laws by stepping forward even at local levels of government to protect your rights
and be counted for on issues that continue to regulate and restrict our freedoms.
The time is now to step up and exhibit your abilities. We are looking for delegates to represent your local voices. We
need leaders who can organize and promote our movement.

Being this party belongs to you the platform we suggest is quite simple. We are dedicated to the values our founding
fathers tried to establish. As a member of this political movement the basics are the rule, we wish to promote three
simple thoughts, Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. No Right, No left, yet conservation minded to make our
nation self reliant.  As leaders within our communities we know
dependence is not freedom.
We Need You!
We need your best talents and effort. From
web design, business leaders, accounting,
legal, all skills desperately needed to
organize and help our effort flourish.
Complete integrity and transparency must be
maintained. Let our pride and efforts show
others what can be accomplished by a bunch
of pot heads.
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Within is an opportunity to initiate sensible governance that reaches beyond boundaries.
Our organization, united, can grow to be an entity that will be recognized for our
accomplishments, far beyond the goal to unite, educate and promote change, that will
repeal the prohibition of Cannabis. This organization can address all the challenges
facing our society, not only for today, but by preparing for tomorrow as well.
Have you ever eaten a Gooseberry?

My grandmother had only a few bushes of these while I was a child, my brother and I had such fun smashing these berries all over her
sidewalk. The memory of her displeasure remains vivid, how could anyone forget a mixture of English and Polish bellowing from the
sweetest woman a child could know. Our summer visits are cherished childhood memories but the flavor of the Gooseberry pie she
made us for our dastardly deed will never be forgotten. At 51 years young, I finally have that farmette with 4 acres in beautiful North
Carolina. I hope to have all manner of edible fruits and nuts flourishing upon this tiny slice of heaven. The online nurseries have me at
their mercy, I find local dealers to help the local community as well, but sadly I find Gooseberry bushes are not permitted in North
Carolina, not one nursery will ship a twig. Despite countless eons of time proving that pine trees and Gooseberries can coexist, being
neither is extinct, Our leaders and lobbyist have decided to eradicate and outlaw ownership rights of everyone to ever enjoy this tasty
berry ever again in North Carolina.

I found it was the lumber and forestry industry that proved this bush with tasty berries posed such a tremendous threat to their
treasured  forests. Thus we need laws to protect a much more valuable industry than the long forgotten Gooseberry. Hmmm, I wonder
what other valuable plants and resources our leadership and lawmakers feel they must protect us from? Why do we allow such
madness to rule our lives and corrupt our ability to grow and thrive unimpeded by useless laws that restricts our freedoms to utilize
every resource available to us. We as a nation need to stop restricting our own growth and prosperity by protecting ourselves with
countless ordinances and local statutes. We don't need more legislation and restrictive ordinances our efforts should be to encourage
free thinking and education. Invention and creativity does abound within each of us. Let our souls breathe free so our minds can expand
and observe.

Our founding fathers knew independence was worth their every effort, let us continue on upon the path they forged and stand as a free
nation independent and responsible for our own growth and prosperity. Dependence upon foreign resources is not freedom. We must
learn to live with the resources available here within our lands. This is the kind of change our party can bring to issue for all to
embrace. Did you know 1 in 6 Americans still struggle with hunger every day. While fields lie dormant, government subsidies can keep
prices high enough so fellow Americans are not able to be properly nourished. Help stop the madness we witness, please join our party
so your concerns and problems can be heard. Look how the people of Egypt stood up against tyranny, 18 days was all it took for them
to succeed. Our path forward may not be as easy, but coming together under one cause strengthens our voices into one.
How is a Gooseberry and Cannabis similar?
A few words about our shipping.....
In an effort to reduce demand upon resources, The
pot party tries very hard to utilize recycled
packaging materials whenever possible. We pride
ourselves in quality service, responsible
conservation and reuse of materials that still have
useful life. ................................. Doctor 5 inspired
Copyright protected 2011
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Hey, Steven,
Great to hear from you.  I did get off an email to my rep (Kelly Alexander), but he's one of the primary sponsors anyway.  
Never hurts to reinforce the position :

You've sure done a great job with your site and your efforts in NC.  

I think cannabis could fill the void that's being left by tobacco's decline.  It could create thousands of jobs, and bring
millions of dollars into the state.  NC could sell and export legal medical marijuana.  We could have a thriving cannabis
tourism industry, as CA and the Netherlands do.  And cannabis has hundreds of uses besides the medical and recreational.

So I'm glad to be on board.  And I want to say thanks again for the hard work and time you've put into NC's legalization

Best regards,
Here is a link to Contact your congressional representatives
Because we don't play defense
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